• We offer exercise five times daily
  • We feed Costco Signature Select Chicken and Rice food but we are happy to have owners provide their dogs regular food to avoid digestive upset
  • We supply bedding unless the owner would like to bring something so the dog has something that smells like home
  • We are happy to give the pet any treats or toys the owner provides.

    All pets must be up to date on all vaccinations.

    You must show proof of vaccinations at check in.

    We require Rabies and DHPP shots for dogs, and rabies and FVRCP for cats.

    All Pets must be free from fleas.
    Each of our kennels  is 3 1/2 feet x 3 1/2 feet on the inside and 3 1/2 feet  x 10 feet  on the outside.  Our canine guests have free access to both the indoor and outdoor portion of their kennels during the day.  They are kept in the indoor portion at night.   We offer double size runs for owners with multiple dogs.  Our  runs are chain link.  We encourage socialization while in their individual runs, therefore  we do not have concrete barriers between the runs.



    The safety and well being of our guests is our top priority at A Home Away Kennels. We feed Signature Select Chicken and Rice  food to all of our guests at A Home Away Kennels. At A Home Away Kennels, we cater to the needs of your four legged friend A Home Away Kennels treats your pet like family.
    Cats are kept in cages that are 3 feet  x 2 feet  x 1 1/2 feet.  The cages are double up with a hole so the cat can move between them.  Food, water and bedding are kept in one cage and the litter box is in the other.

    • We provide Costco Signature Select dry cat food but we are happy to have owners provide their own cats food to avoid digestive upset.  We will also feed canned food provided by the owner.
    • We provide a kitty cube for your cat to hide in or sleep on and the owner is welcome to bring something that smells like home.
    • Owners are welcome to bring toys or treats for their cats
    • We enjoy interacting with your cat in its cage but they do not exercise outside of their cages
    At A Home Away Kennels, we love our kitties too!
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