1. Can we bring our own bedding and toys?
Yes, pets find comfort in having their own bed and toys. We just ask they are washable and expendable and marked with your pets name.

2. What happens if our pet needs medication?
We give necessary medications when your pet needs it.The fee for this is $1.00 per time given. We want to keep your pet happy and healthy.

3. Can our pets stay together in the same kennel?
Yes, most pets enjoy having their siblings stay with them. 

4.Do you feed morning or evening?
We feed both morning and evening depending on our guests' usual eating habits.

5.When do you let the dogs out in the morning and when do you close them up at night?
We open the doors at 7 AM and settle our guests in at about 9  PM with a treat and the turning off of the lights.

6.Can we inspect your kennel?
Yes, of course. Anytime between  10 AM and 3 PM Monday through Friday inspections are welcomed but please call first.

7.Can we bring our own food for our pet?
Yes, we encourage you to bring your own food, especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach. We supply Signature Select Chicken and Rice dry food. 

8. Do you charge by the day or by the night? 
Date of check in is charged the full day regardless of when you drop off. If you pick your pet up prior to noon on the date of your departure there is no charge for that day.  If you pick up after noon you are charged the full day.

9. What vet do you use?
If your pet becomes ill, we have a veterinarian available or we can call your veterinarian.

10. Do the dogs get out of their runs?
If you choose to have your dog exercised they are put into exercise areas five times a day.  In play groups if they get along well with other dogs or by themselves if they don't.

11. What about fleas?
We highly recommend that you use flea control products on your pet prior to bringing them in.  We expect our guests to be flea free but we can't promise all owners will be considerate so it is better to be safe than sorry.
Frequently Asked Questions
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